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Xbox Game Pass Will Include Minecraft

2 years ago
Xbox Game Pass Will Include Minecraft

According to the latest updates on the upcoming Xbox Game Pass, it will feature a large set of Minecraft titles. The subscribers could try Java and Bedrock versions as well as Diablo-like Minecraft Dungeons. Each of the games features some notable benefits.

It’s the first time for the subscribers of Xbox Game Pass using PCs to check out Bedrock and Minecraft Dungeons within the subscription. The Java Minecraft is available for PC only and is considered the perfect one for moders to create some novelties in the game. Bedrock-Minecraft is considered the main version as it’s cross-platform and available for the bulk of devices including mobiles as well. It’s very convenient as a subscriber has an opportunity to instantly switch between the versions of the game.

On Xbox consoles, Minecraft has long been a subscription. In the next month or two, the studio will release update 1.18, which will add a new generation of mountains and caves, new biomes, and much more to the game. Nevertheless, the game itself will soon receive the second half of the largest update in its history called Caves and Cliffs Part 2. According to the developers, the title will have a lot of technical improvements as well as some new content. It will bring frogs and mud blocks to the game. Probably the most exciting news is adding a new boss called Warden.

The developers are going to add some updates to their Minecraft-Diablo as well. Minecraft Dungeons will feature seasonal adventures with an updated progression system and a tower mode where hardcore fans can test their skills in 30 levels filled with enemies and bosses.

Nevertheless, the Minecraft collection is not the only new addition to Xbox Game Pass. The developers of the co-op action RPG Outriders announced that the game will appear in Xbox Game Pass on PC on October 19. Users can also buy it on Microsoft Store.

Players who have purchased the Xbox version of the game will have an opportunity to transfer progress between consoles and PC. Outriders is a third-person shooter set in a fantasy universe.  Furthermore, the title supports cross-play, so a player can go on an adventure with gamers playing on other platforms. By the end of the month, the Game Pass catalog will also include the historical strategy Age of Empires IV, the turn-based action RPG Echo Generation, the fisherman adventure Moonglow Bay, and the action thriller Alan Wake's American Nightmare.


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