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"You haven't seen anything yet," the actor confidently stated regarding the Marvel's Spider-Man 2 video trailer.

3 months ago

The action-adventure gameplay, recently shown in a spectacular video trailer, has attracted much attention. The 12-minute video of the upcoming game features some fantastic fight scenes and total gameplay footage. It gave fans almost complete information on how the game would win when released on PS5.

On some YouTube channels, the video's number of views has exceeded twenty million. It is a fantastic result. And in general, player feedback on the gameplay footage has been very positive.

Actor Lowenthal Yuri, who played the main character, said that one should not think that the game's developers showed too much video content. "You haven't seen anything yet," the actor confidently declared.

What awaits us in the game? The company Insomniac noticed that the scale of the virtual city would increase significantly. In addition, players can switch between game characters freely in the action. In the vast open world of Marvel's Spider-Man 2 video game, players will complete various exciting side missions created individually for each hero and any of the characters.


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