The Sing Up for The Upcoming PS5 System Update Beta Test Is Open

2 years ago
The Sing Up for The Upcoming PS5 System Update Beta Test Is Open

Do you have a PS5 console and PlayStation Network account? It’s great as you can join the PlayStation 5 System Update Beta testing! Filling in the registration form, you may become a participant of the program.

The latest news from Sony has revealed that this year the PS5 System will be updated and now the company is searching for players interested in testing new features of the console. There are no special conditions for users except that they must be at least 18 years old and currently live in the USA, the United Kingdom, Japan, France, or Germany. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that everyone will be accepted to testing. But it is still worth signing up if you meet the mentioned requirements. Users taking part in this testing will have a chance to try all the novelties before other players and join further beta tests in the future.

Besides the new features, a player must be ready for numerous flaws as the development is continuing. In this way, users will identify the majority of the drawbacks of the update and may help developers to improve them long before the official release.

The program implements interaction between the company and users via feedback. Players will test new features and respond to their performance. It was noticed that English and Japanese languages will be acceptable to provide comments. In their turn, developers will consider all the praises and remarks setting the course of their work in the most efficient way. Such an approach has been used for both Microsoft and Sony for many years. The previous consoles and their systems were tested in the same way. As a result, companies have always provided great improvements to their products.

There were no announcements of what novelties will be added to the system. The majority of previous updates were focused on the DualSense controller performance, the possibility to play cross-gen, and so forth. However, there are a lot of features expected by players. One of them is the NVMe SSD slot that still can’t be used. Taking into account the previous update that provided a possibility to use a USB external drive as storage for PlayStation 5 titles, it seems that using SSD will be available soon as well. It’s a great feature as for today, SSD is the best performing hard drive.

However, it has not been announced yet when the beta testing will start. If Sony is going to release the new update this year, it’s likely to begin the program very soon. 


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