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Wait for delayed co-op mode for Halo Infinite in late August

11 months ago
Wait for delayed co-op mode for Halo Infinite in late August

343 Industries promised the start of the campaign co-op for Halo Infinite in August this year. Unfortunately, due to the lack of time, the developers didn't manage to cope in time and release pledged co-op modes for Halo last month. 


The developers of Halo, 343 Industries, noted that all the previous Halo games had multiplayer features and the possibility of network play. But these modes were delayed in Halo Infinite. Moreover, the replay campaign ability is tuned to appear in August too.


Now, 343i is going to improve the situation and provide promised modes in late August 2022. However, the previous information leakage was in a posted image of the game's roadmap by Halo Waypoint. The picture revealed the news before it was revealed in written form.


Halo's co-developer, Joseph Staten, wrote concerning this matter, "Staying true to priority zero means that sometimes we need to slow down in order to stay healthy and move faster later.' He also added that they are going to try to do their best in order to accelerate in delivering content and modes.


Staten also added the team is intended to make Halo Infinite season’s best game. He mentioned that their rates in providing new season decreased because they were waiting for feedback from the previous season to make improvements.


Joseph Staten is convinced that it is worth keeping playing Halo because he believes there is 'something special about Halo's multiplayer.' No matter how many times you have played this game or what your rank is, it is an equal game for everyone. The win depends on the player's tactics, skills, and luck, 'There are no game-breaking God rolls to get you out of a sticky situation here – and it's all the better for it.'


In addition, picking up licensed Spartan boots is a real fortune. The green boots seem to be a bright detail that contributes to appearance. But even if you are ready to pay $225, there is a probability of not getting them. Only 117 pairs were offered. You should be a lucky man to get them.


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