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Release date:Nov 17, 2016
Publisher:Frontier Developments
Developer:Frontier Developments

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Cheap Planet Coaster (PC) Get the best price on Wyrel. Buy Planet Coaster for PC and create a unique coaster park. Sculpt landscapes, add pre-made elements, unleash your creativity, and do what you want.

Planet Coaster Use all your creativity to build a jaw-dropping coaster park

The coaster park simulation is now on a whole new level. Use all available features and tools to build the park of your dreams!

Build a coaster park with anything you want

Planet Coaster PC is impressively attentive to details. The developer included over 700 pre-made objects to help players build the best facilities, scenery, and coasters. Its worth every penny you pay when you purchase the game. Here players can build their coaster parks and expand the empire using the best tools and technology. They may add things like fireworks, cruise ships, etc. The game allows bringing to life all sorts of ideas, no matter how experienced you are. When you set prices, add attractions, and change things, your guests react in real-time. Its an exciting simulation that requires careful planning and strategy.

Express your creativity

If you buy the game today, youll be able to do things your way as soon as you finish the installation process. Use the already-existing blueprints or create unique elements.

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