Poly Bridge (PC)

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Release date:Jul 12, 2016
Publisher:Dry Cactus
Developer:Dry Cactus
More than 100 campaign levels

A well-designed campaign mode guarantees hours of engaging gameplay, where your wit and creativity will be thoroughly tested. From simple A to B connections to complicated, multi-level constructions. Build drawbridges, stunt ramps or electronically controlled, complex constructions that will adjust their surfaces to the current needs or demands. The aim is simple – to provide a safe crossing to the other bank. The ways leading to it are actually unlimited, depending only on your imagination. And this is the most beautiful aspect of the Poly Bridge gameplay. Of course be ready for more and more challenging tasks, as levels get increasingly demanding from the engineering and restrictions points of view, as well as from the resources you have to take into account. Also, don’t forget about the money!

Sandbox mode

A great alternative, if you want to have a rest from the campaign. Of course, it does not mean that sandbox will be easier. It all depends on the scenario you will create. Go wild and set up the most complex bridges in the world’s history. Or experiment with the game’s mechanics, creating absurd constructions, that will challenge the laws of physics. Once again, the sky is the limit (and maybe your imagination).

Online library integration

Proud of your constructions? Publish your works online as a puzzle level on the Workshop and check out whether other players can solve it. Also, check out the enormous database including extra levels available on the workshop. Grouped by the difficulty level or popularity, they can be a real test for your wit and creativity. The fun can be endless here, especially when you find out the option to share funny print screens and GIFs thanks to its built-in replay saving system. Invite your friends and reminisce all the best moments from your gameplay.

Technical side

The debut game from the Dry Cactus Studio features a zanyish world and simplistic mechanics. Although the tile pays large attention to physics and mechanics, the game offers a humorous approach, that shall appeal to all kinds of players. You will quickly learn the basis of the 3D editor, standing behind the polygonal setting. The colorful, vivid graphic layout shall not be demanding for your PC. Poly Bridge game is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms.

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