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Publisher:Warner Bros. Interactive Entertain
Developer:Avalanche Studios, Feral Interact

Mad Max Steam Key GLOBAL

Max Rockatansky doesn't have an easy life, but nobody does out on the wastelands left after a nuclear war. Mad Max is an intense, harsh, and brutal journey for vengeance and a relative peace of mind. A third-person brawler with robust progression of both man and his trusty car, Magnum Opus. Will you brave the lawless wastes ravaged by bandits and destructive sandstorms? Vast and beautiful wasteland The wasteland of Mad Max (PC) is a dried out sea, with shipwrecks and naval infrastructure spread all over it. Drive to a massive tanker repurposed for a garage, help people squatting in an old lighthouse, and investigate crevices left behind when the sea evaporated. And it's all open for exploration!Despite the harshness of the environment, the dawns and sunsets paint the setting in rich colours, making it one of the most picturesque images of post-apocalyptic wastelands in gaming.

Intense car combat It wouldn't be a proper Mad Max game without exciting car chases, and it delivers! Drag enemy drivers from their seats with a harpoon, shoot the exposed fuel tanks with your shotgun, slam into them with all the force of a front-mounted plow and more. High-speed chase scenes and vehicular combat are the true meat of Mad Max gameplay, and becoming a road warrior is satisfying, rich in explosions, and frequently bloody.

Brutal brawling - Max has no time for fancy moves. When he gets out of his car he delivers powerful punches, crippling kicks, and stunning grapples. Add to this some old-fashioned shivs and limb-breaking and Max becomes the kind of opponent his enemies were unprepared to handle.Engage in dynamic combat promoting carefully planned combos, devastating counter attacks, and killing foes with their own weapons. Just be careful: Max can dish more than he can handle, and he'll die easily if you aren't careful!

Sabotage and infiltration - Take down bandit bases through any means necessary. Snipe their spotters, detonate fuel tanks or pipelines, eliminate the war criers, tear down the gates and disable flamethrowers. Every base is a puzzle, and the solution is premeditated destruction and murder.And the best part? When you eliminate the bandits, you get to reap benefits from the place!

Robust progression - Gather scrap on your travels to upgrade Max's inventory and the Magnum Opus. Create leather jackets, pouches, and fashion brass knuckles from wrenches and screwdrivers. Put spikes on your car to prevent boarding parties, upgrade rims to shred enemy cars' tires, and install various V6 and V8 engines. They are but a few of the upgrade options, and you can pick and choose which upgrades you want active at the time. But be mindful: all car upgrades come with a drawback. Can't have heavy armor and top-notch acceleration, after all!

Why Choose Wyrel to Buy Mad Max Steam Key GLOBAL

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About the Game - Max Rockatansky has a quite difficult life. Left to survive after a nuclear war, he does everything possible to have some positive in his life. The game is packed with different adventures, so you will not be bored.

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