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Frostpunk Developers Reluctant to Give Game Keys to Steam Curators

6 months ago
Frostpunk Developers Reluctant to Give Game Keys to Steam Curators

A lot of fake accounts led the company to such a decision. 11 Bit Studios, the renowned developer of Frostpunk, has informed the community that they are ending the distribution of keys to Steam curators. And there are several reasons for that. Resellers pretend to be reviewers for their enrichment. So, about twenty curators were blocked on the Valve platform, who turned out to be ordinary scammers.

The company of developers, 11-bit studios, announced its decision to suspend the issuance of keys on September 2nd. In addition to reselling keys, the developers are also unhappy that the reviews posted by these "curators" are useless for the gaming community.

Steam, a well-known company for gamers, is well aware of the existing problem, and on September 1st, after corresponding complaints, about 20 accounts of violators were blocked. As it turned out, scammers collected various game keys, not at all for review, but for enrichment. Shortly after the purchase, they resold the received game keys on other platforms at a reduced price. It is not known how much the swindlers earned, but it is clear that they were well enriched.


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