The First 8K Game Released On PS5 Runs At 60 FPS

11 months ago
The First 8K Game Released On PS5 Runs At 60 FPS

Shin'en Multimedia has released The Touryst on PlayStation consoles. The main feature of the PS5  version is 8K support. This is the first game ever to perform at resolutions above 4K. The gaming community is excited about such a novelty.

The Touryst was originally a Switch exclusive, running at a steady 60 FPS at 1080p on the Nintendo console. The PS5 version can operate in two modes: 8K and 60 FPS or 4K and 120 FPS. On PS4, The Touryst runs in Full HD at 60 FPS. The game uses voxel graphics and a fixed camera with a quality lighting system.

According to the developers, The Touryst doesn’t use any technical tricks and it supports display in record resolution indeed. The PS5 console also supports outputting images to an external device through the HDMI 2.1 port in 8K at 60 frames per second, but at the moment the display of content in this resolution is software disabled on the Sony set-top box.

As the experts state, the 8K resolution on the PS5 allowed the developers to tighten up the look of the game. Shadows, anti-aliasing, depth of field - these effects make the adventure more attractive. If a user lowers the resolution to 4K, the effects will deteriorate, but not critical. The Touryst will be able to show a real 8K after Sony adds support for this resolution. Then the authors will just release a small patch and that's it. As for the overall impressive capabilities of both consoles in this game, everything is explained by its low resource intensity due to voxel graphics.

All the gamers are excited about this news as the appearance of such a game in the PlayStation store marks an important milestone in the development of modern gaming at all. The owners of the console have a chance to check out the full force of their devices. There is no doubt that the game will look amazingly on freshly announced 8K TVs. Nevertheless, their cost for today reaches above million dollars.

The new game was launched and compared on the latest Xbox consoles as well. Interestingly, it turned out that the PS5 can render images at a higher resolution than the Xbox, due to the higher GPU frequency (2230 MHz versus 1825 MHz). And this is even though the GPU itself in the Microsoft console is more productive due to the larger number of stream processors.

The Touryst is also available on Switch, Xbox, and PC. The Switch version of the puzzle became available in November 2019, and the game was released on Xbox and PC in July 2020.


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