The Sequel of the Venom Movie May Be Delayed

2 years ago
The Sequel of the Venom Movie May Be Delayed

The Marvel comic-based fantasy film Venom 2 is unlikely to be released in 2021. Sources at Sony Pictures say its management plans to delay the release until 2022. Despite there are no official announcements yet, no information related to the sequel appeared during CinemaCon that may be considered as the confirmation of the delay.

The latest trailer, which did not have a release date, hinted at the upcoming changes in the movie's rental schedule as well. There have been speculations that Venom 2 may take the place of another comic-book movie, Morbius, which is planned to release in late January. Morbius will be connected with the Venom movie and it was confirmed that both films take place in the same universe. Nevertheless, officials from the studio have not yet commented on this information.

It should be noted that earlier the release of the sequel, in which the main roles were played by Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, and Woody Harrelson, was already postponed several times. The main reason was the ongoing pandemic of the new type of coronavirus and the restrictions imposed everywhere.

Such delays have an extremely negative impact on a future release. It was confirmed several times that the level of interest of viewers regularly decreases. Furthermore, you can find millions of negative comments, responses, and posts on the bulk of popular social webs from users who wait or waited for the movie.

Nevertheless, things still may change. The movie is expected for quite a big audience due to the number of its special features. First of all, it has a pretty successful first part with famous actors. The main character of the movie is an extremely popular Marvel villain as well. Secondly, Venom may have connections with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially with one of the most popular superheroes ever, Spiderman. Both Tom Holland and Tom Hardy mentioned that they are excited about the idea of a crossover. And finally, the first Venom was a foundation of a new cinematic universe full of popular villains and Sony plans to create more movies besides Venom and Morbius.

The sequel called Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage will continue the original plot and familiarize viewers with another powerful Venom-like Alien Carnage. However, this one is very aggressive, violent, and evil as well as his host, Cletus Kasadi. Kasadi is a serial murder who will be interviewed by Eddie Brock. 


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