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State of Decay YOSE Day (PC)

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Release date:Apr 27, 2015
Publisher:Microsoft Studios
Developer:Undead Labs

Are you ready for the zombie apocalypse? If so, buy State of Decay: YOSE Day One and enjoy amazing a single-player, zombie survival game developed by undead labs and published by Microsoft Studios. A bloodthirsty undead army is waiting for you so prepare yourself for hours of exciting fun.

Experience remastered version of survival zombie adventure

State of Decay: Year One Special Edition Day One Edition features the base game and both DLCs: Breakdown, and Lifeline. Discover new items, weapons, and more dangerous zombies to kill. Struggle with the unpleasant world filled to the brim with zombies and try to survive in harsh conditions.

Survive until you die and dive into completely new story experience. Feel the unspeakable realism & difficulty, and imagine that youre playing the version of The Walking Dead TV show.

There is always something for you to do whether its rescue someone stranded, build more barracks, move because you need more space, or just go out and search for supplies. There is always something that needs to be done.

Visit abandoned towns that were once towns filled with people walking around, buying stuff, making a living, and now are overrun with scary zombies! Zombies destroyed these towns and left people barely alive and now, you have the chance to keep them alive whoevers left. Enjoy upgraded and better-looking aesthetics and immerse in great survival adventure.

Swap between characters

The game lets you change between characters you have built up the relationship with and once you have played with one for a bit, switch out and let one heal up and get some much-needed rest.

This system is great and it adds a real connection to each of your characters. Level up the stats of different of your characters to make them unique and irreplaceable. Build up the town and community and survive together while the zombies roam around.

Try to keep everyone safe because if someone dies, there is no restart button, theyre dead for good and you have to move on with the community.

Two different game modes to choose from

Choose the Breakdown DLC to experience survival mode where the game eliminates objectives other than surviving and escaping. It starts off relatively easy but each time you survive an area, the game throws you into a new one with your previous survivors and it cranks up the difficulty.

Enjoy this extremely replayable mode and feel differently every single time! Lifeline DLC, on the other hand, is a story based mode where you start off as a member of a military with plenty of supplies, guns, ammo, and military reinforcements. It puts a spin on the original in a unique and entertaining way.

Prepare that you are going to have so much to do! Even after you complete the original game. State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition features a new character, a new weapon, vehicle, and awesome new mission type where someone is dropping supply crates at random locations including some of the best weapons in the game. Stay focus and always be prepared for fresh action!

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