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In Subterrain you fill the shoes of Dr. West, the apparent lone survivor of the underground city of Mars. Do what you must to fight, survive, escape, or otherwise amongst limited resources and relentless enemies. Your worst enemy will be your own carelessness...

The game focuses on the following game play mechanics:

    It's you against an army of infected Martian colonists... better take a piss! And don't forget to eat something or you won't last long! The infected are not the only dangers the lurk beneath the surface of the red planet. Sickness, bleeding, bone fractures, exhaustion, hypothermia, and starvation are stalking your every move. Ultimately your own carelessness will be your worst enemy. Use your wits and resources to survive long enough and you might just unlock the mysteries of Subterrain.
    Chop, bash, slash, and blast the infected with melee weapons, bombs, and energy guns. Of course, you can always beat them to a pulp with your bare hands if you don't want to get your weapons dirty. It's you against the world, so be sure to use tactics and fight smart!
    The Mars base is equipped with advanced 3D-printing technology to help you craft weapons, parts, gears, and suits. The bio-research lab allows you to analyze the leftovers of dead enemies. Research allows you to create chemical boosts that will give you an edge against the environment and enemies.
    The world of Subterrain is a vast underground facility on mars. Feel free to explore the colony, search, and loot everything (we won't judge). Hidden ventilation ducts provide access to hidden rooms, and an underground train connects the different parts of the city. Careful searching will reveal hidden items, doors, and entrances to secret places. Just don't get lost!
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Release date:Jan 21, 2016

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Challenge yourself in a spectacular survival game. Sci-Fi - the novelty tells about the exciting events on Mars. A vast open world with dangerous monsters and a random-level generator will impress you! Manage your colony, explore unique lands, create something new, and courageously fight for survival on this planet full of surprises. 


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This delightful game is created for thrill-seekers. Embark on an exciting journey to Mars that you will remember for a long time. So, play as a brave Doctor who, by the will of fate, turns out to be the only survivor in the underground city. Be alert every second. After all, your inattention can become your most dangerous enemy. 


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