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Empire Total War Collection (PC)

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Empire: Total War Collection

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Release date:Mar 3, 2009
Publisher:Feral Interactive (Linux)
Developer:Feral Interactive (Linux)

A huge amount of content hidden in a single pack known as Empire: Total War Collection

The Empire: Total War Collection on Steam provides you with a huge amount of content. The pack, which you're going to get includes such elements like: Empire: Total War, Empire Total War - The Warpath Campaign, Empire: Total War - Special Forces Units & Bonus Content, Empire: Total War - Elite Units of the West, Empire Total War - Elite Units of the East, and Empire: Total War - Elite Units of America. All these elements are going to give you hundreds of hours of interesting gameplay. Do you think that you're a good leader for the nation? Now you have a chance to prove it. We hope that you're going to bring your empire to glory.

Empire: Total War - The Warpath Campaign

Total War Collection gives you many interesting add-ons and one of the most interesting of them is Empire: Total War - The Warpath Campaign. This DLC to the Empire: Total War gives you a new American campaign with 5 new empires you can control. There are 5 different Indian tribes available: Iroquois, Cherokee, Huron, Pueblo and Plains. Each tribe is waiting for a new leader. Only you can save them from certain doom.

The entire map of North America is at your disposal. Never before it was so detailed and complex. Each nation has its own elite units, which you can use in order to gain an advantage during the battle. 18 new technologies are waiting for you. Indian tribes utilize various amulets, thanks to which they gain buffs in the battle. They might not have as modern equipment as other nations but thanks to spirits guidance, they are a formidable opponent.

Elite Units of the West

Empire: Total War puts your strategic skills to the test. If you think that you cannot handle your enemies, then elite units of the west are going to help you. The Elite Units of the West DLC introduces 14 completely unique brand new units from all the major Western factions. Featuring all new infantry and cavalry units, equipped with the best weapons and having undergone the most rigorous of trainings.

Thanks to them you will be able to turn the tides of the battle in your favor. An example of such unit might be Swiss Guard from France. The Swiss Guards fought for the French nation and were the prized palace guard of Louis XVI. Wearing resplendent bright red uniforms and carrying smooth bore muskets with which they were able to shoot cavalry with perfect accuracy. Now they are at your disposal.

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