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Release date:May 21, 2021
Publisher:Double Eleven Ltd.
Developer:Double Eleven Ltd. / Facepunch Studios Ltd.

Buy Cheap RUST (PC) on Wyrel

Welcome to Rust's harsh and unforgiving world, where survival is your only goal. In this treacherous environment, everything is against you – from the island's wildlife and inhabitants to the ever-changing landscape and other survivors.

To endure in Rust, you must employ strategic thinking and resourcefulness. Design and construct sturdy bases to defend your territory from rival players or to control the island's valuable resources. Progress through the tech tree to unlock advanced technologies, cultivate farms for sustenance, harness electricity power, and commandeer various vehicles, from horses and cars to boats and helicopters.


Survive in a Remote Island at a Bargain Price

There are no rules in Rust, and your ability to adapt and thrive will determine your fate. The game offers a relentless and immersive survival experience, where every decision could mean the difference between life and death.

And now, Wyrel marketplace is pleased to offer you the key to Rust with an exclusive discount! For frugal gamers seeking unbeatable deals, Wyrel is the ultimate destination for thrilling gaming experiences without breaking the bank.


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